Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How is settlement tracked as a merchant /Integrator?

You can track settlements by using the “settlement” menu on the admin

Do the merchants and transactions within the aggregated settlement sweep advice have unique references that can be used for a quick search during recons on the integrator side?

Yes, there is a unique reference: ”The receipt number.”

Do you take direct service charge from merchants or from integrators?

Service charges are collected from the integrator at settlement. The integrator can choose to forward these charges to their merchants.

Why is the sweep advice via GIP and not Swift?

GIP is a direct transfer from Dreamoval recons team to an integrator’s recons team while Swift is from Dreamoval finance team to the integrator's bank account which is a lengthy process than recons to recons.

Who will the merchants go to when an order is stuck in the “processing” state, Dreamoval recons team or an integrator’s recons team?

The integrator will send an email to ( for assistance

Is there an escalation matrix?

Yes there is, it is provided in the contract. All our service level agreements are provided in the contract.

Will monies generated and swept funds be sent to the integrator or the merchant?

Funds will be sent to the integrator for their recons team to disburse to their merchants.

How will the recons and settlement team on the integrator side be able to access generated and settled sweep advice?

Admin users will be created for them to enable them access it.

Can integrators initiate reversals and refunds?

No, the integrator view does not have access to the “reverse” and “refund” buttons to take such actions. Only the merchants can do that for payments made to them.

Do customers of merchants have to be informed of the specific browser to use when making payments? To avoid lengthy verification processes?

No, however, Chrome is the most preferred. The “ I am not a robot” feature on other browsers is for security verifications

What is the cut-off time for making settlements to integrators?

Ths cut-off for settlements is for transactions between (00:00-11:59:59)

What is the SLA of the integrator receiving the sweep advice?

An integrator can receive funds on the following frequencies. - T+2 (can select daily from the settlement preference) - Weekly (either Mondays or Thursday) -Monthly (end of month or first day of the next month

What are the Transaction Audit and Recons Template Menus used for?

Those are still in the test phase and so are not to be used yet.

What is the means of settling a transaction dispute?

- Merchants can initiate a refund at a fee - Merchants can fulfill paid orders from the Admin - For all other transaction issues not listed above: Reach out to (

Can I filter for the settlement advice of merchants based on their status?

Yes, you can filter to know the status of a merchant’s settlement advice by using the status bar on the interface

How are the monies swept to an integrator, swept to the merchants.?

You will need to have the account details of the individual merchants to use for settlement advice on each settlement day

How will integrators be able to monitor the monies paid and swept into their merchants accounts?

All payments collected will be swept into an account provided by the integrator who will, in turn, sweep it to the individual merchant accounts.

What do merchants stand to gain by signing onto the Billbox?

Merchants can collect payments across multiple channels: - USSD - Marketplace (via a customized URL) - MPOS - VPOS