How to Set up Billbox Woocommerce Plugin on Your Wordpress Website






App Reference

The username/identifier you use when creating a device on your Billbox account.

App Secret

The  secret you use when creating a device on your Billbox account

App Id

The app Id generated after you have created a device on your Billbox account



In your Billbox account Device menu, your device list looks like this:



  • You must have a Billbox account.

  • You must have already created a device on your Billbox account.



  1. Log in to your Wordpress website admin account

The administrator URL would be something like https://somemerchant.com/wp-admin

  1. On the navigation bar to the left select click Woocommerce.

  1. Next, select Settings

  1. On the Woocommerce Settings page, select the Payments tab

  1. On the Payments page a list of payment gateways installed on your website will be displayed. Look for Billbox and click the Manage button on the right.

  1. Now you are on the Billbox Woocommerce plugin configuration page, do the following:

  • Check the Enabled checkbox. (red arrow)

  • Enter your app Id in the field labeled APP ID. (orange arrow)

  • Enter your device identifier/username in the field labeled APP Reference. (yellow arrow)

  • Next enter your device secret in the field labeled APP Secret. (green arrow)

  • Copy the text you find in the Callback URL field and paste it somewhere safe. You will need it to update your callback URL in your Billbox account device settings.

  • Save your changes.


  1. Log into your Billbox account

Go to https://usebillbox.com

  1. Go to Devices in the navigation menu

  2. Select the edit button to edit the device you want

  3. Go to the field labelled Callback URL and paste the text you copied in step 6

  4. Save your changes

  5. You are done!