How to Manage Transactions


Exploring the Transaction History page

Here is an overview of this History page and other features:

The transaction history table for the particular period (time & date) filtered (green box), with the following columns:

  • Service name
  • Amount paid
  • Debit or Credit transaction
  • Paid By
  • Invoice number (reference)
  • Payment number (or transaction Id provided by the Integrator)
  • Receipt number (provided by the service provider)
  • Status of the transaction
  • Date and time transaction was made
  • Info button for viewing the transaction details (Actions)
  • The date and time picker for filtering through transactions (blue arrow)
  • The search bar for filtering through transactions (orange arrow)
  • The report generator (yellow arrow)
  • Transaction type switch (red arrow)
    • Bill Payments
    • Card Transactions
  • Transaction statistics (red box)
  • Number of services for which transactions are displayed in the current filter (top left)
  • Number of transactions displayed in the current filter (top right)
  • Money coming in
  • Money going out
  • Net amount



Searching and Filtering Transactions

On most occasions searching and filtering for payments may become necessary. Searching for transactions is done on the History page.

The main features you will need on the Billbox History page to successfully search and filter are the Search Bar and the Date/Time Picker.


Date/Time Picker

(image 1.2)

The Date/Time Picker, like any other date/time picker tool, allows you to filter for specific periods in the transaction history.

You can use the quick date/time picker on the right (blue box), or select the Custom Range option for a more customized date/time filter (red arrow) using the calendar on the left.
Click Apply (black arrow) when you are satisfied with the programmed filter, to run it.


Search Bar


(image 1.3)


Located on the top right of the transaction history table, you can use the Search bar to filter through the transaction history table using the following keys:

  • Receipt Number
  • Transaction ID
  • Service name
  • Bill reference 

View Transaction Details

To view the details of a transaction, do the following:

  • Go to History in the navigation menu
  • Search for the transaction(s)
  • Go to Actions and click the information icon (as shown in the screenshot below)

  •   The Transaction Details screen should load into view as shown below:

  • A PDF version of the Transaction details page can be printed by clicking the Print button (green arrow)



Download Reports

To download the transaction history data, do the following:

  • Log in to your Billbox account and go to History menu
  • Select Payments or Card Transactions
  • Filter based on the date or type of transaction
  • Click the Download button (as shown in the screenshot below)


  •  Next, click the link to download an XLS document (as indicated in the screenshot below)